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On The Go Organizer as Teacher gifts

By Melissa LeRay

On the Go

I’m the room mom for Elise’s preschool class.  That doesn’t really mean all that much; I’m pretty much just in charge of helping to organize their parties, and coordinating the various teachers’ gifts: Christmas, birthday, teacher appreciation week, you get it…


For Christmas, I didn’t do anything overly special.  I was overwhelmed with all that we had going on, and ended up just getting them a cute little movie-themed bucket of goodies with an adorable ceramic “Popcorn” bowl from Pier 1.  Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas and giving gifts, but I really like focusing on birthdays.  The special-ness of it.  Christmas is about everyone getting gifts, and I like that birthdays are about a certain someone getting gifts.  


I saw Gail post about her On the Go organizers recently, and just fell in love.  I thought they would make really great stationery organizers, and combined with some pretty letterpressed stationery, it would make an extra special gift.  The Gingercake On the Go organizer is a great pattern that’s quick and easy to follow.  I’ll certainly be making more of these.


As far as modifications, I shortened the height by an inch; it was too tall for stationery.  I did folded-edge pockets – thank you, Darcy, for the heads up about that.   And thank you, most especially, for the OTG organizer that you made for me!  I also made my own simple flap, as I wanted to use a snap for the closure, and moved the pockets to be a bit more centered on that divided section.


For good measure, I threw in somegiftcards from Coldstone Creamery and Gigi’s cupcakes.  Hopefully they’ll love their birthday presents.  One teacher will get hers this week, and the other’s birthday is in about two months – feels good to have it already off the to-do list.

Getting better with the press

By Melissa LeRay

For my Christmas-slash-birthday present, I convinced Matt that I needed a letterpress.  It took a lot of convincing, but she arrived in January, and its been a fun-slash-frustrating time ever since learning how to use it.   We ended up purchasing a tabletop Hohner.  It had been restored, and painted red, and was exactly what I was looking for.


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