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Made for Baby Blog Tour

By Melissa LeRay Made for Baby Blog Tour

Hi everyone! Welcome to my stop on the Made for Baby blog tour! I’ve been a long time fan of Ayda Algin’s and when I first heard that she was writing a book, I knew without a doubt that it would be an incredible source of inspiration and instruction.  I have some close friends that are soon to deliver baby boys, and I’m thrilled to have so many beautiful baby projects to choose from.

MFB Banner 1

Having two girls of my own, I am well stocked in girly prints, but I don’t have much in the way of boyish color schemes.  I used some precious Liberty of London and a favorite, ultra soft blue gingham, along with and a few low volume prints to create a soft boyish, scrappy feel, and am completely smitten with how these turned out! Made for Baby Blog Tour

I chose to make two projects from her book – the Chime Bears and the Teething Rings.  Because I’ve got one friend that just delivered, and another with a little boy on the way very soon, I decided to double up and made two of each. Made for Baby Blog Tour

I loved how easily and simply these projects came together.  I can’t get over how cute the addition of the bowtie is! Its the sweetest little detail that makes this feel so perfect for a baby boy.  I love that this pattern has such a classic, retro feel to it.  I bought a bag of bells and stuffed two into each bear to ensure enough chime, as often it can become quite muted within all the stuffing.  I decided to omit the embroidery for the arms, as I wanted to keep these bears very simple since they would be paired with busier teething rings. Made for Baby Blog Tour

For the teething ring stars, I scoured to find more coordinating Liberty and some low volume prints to create a cohesive feel between the bears and the rings. I cut random strip lengths of each fabric, and also chose to edge stitch at each seam within the star.  I used a medium weight fusible interfacing, and I think that even using fusible fleece would be a great choice for these as well. Made for Baby Blog Tour

I sewed small pieces of velcro to the ribbon that secures the ring to the star, instead of the snaps that Ayda recommends.  We are about to move and I’ve already packed up my snap press – but I wanted to still give the moms the chance to remove it so it could be washed, without having to wash the wooden ring.  The velcro worked perfectly, as these stars are super light weight. Made for Baby Blog Tour

I love how they turned out, and I hope these gifts are well loved by both mom and baby!

Ayda is hosting a giveaway on her blog, now through the end of the blog tour.  To enter, head over to her blog for more details!

Be sure to check out the entire lineup to see all the beautiful projects made from Made for Baby, and search the following hashtags to see all the projects:

Here are all the talented makers:


Ayda Algin



Jemima Flendt



Sarah Edgar



Lisa Cox



Ange Hamilton



Lauren Wright



Melissa LeRay



Minki Kim



Faith Essenburg



Kristin Esser



Lauren Guthrie



Bridgette McNay



Torie Jayne



Constanca Cabral



Stacy Olson



Caroline Husle



Nadra Ridgeway



Wynn Tan



Sedef Imer



Lauren Nash



Jennie Pickett



Amy Sinibaldi



Kim Kruzich



Elea Lutz



Samantha Dorn



Ayda Algin




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Fat Quarter Baby Blog Hop!

By Melissa LeRay

Welcome to my stop on the Fat Quarter Baby blog hop! We’re celebrating the release of Fat Quarter Shop‘s new book “Fat Quarter Baby“! Twenty of us were lucky enough to sew up one of the baby quilts in the book to show off these amazing patterns.  I love that they have 10 girl styles and 10 boy styles.  I am always looking for cute and original baby quilt patterns and I was blown away by all the adorable designs in this book.  I was paired with the ‘Claire’ quilt, and it’s classic style is so precious with the sweetest baby rattles!


The book calls for the 8 rattles to be constructed from four fat quarters, two of each design.  I used 8 fat eighths to vary it up a little.  I love the little bow on the handle of the rattle.  Once everything was cut, I was really surprised at how quickly each block came together.

I chose to use Lecien‘s newest Flower Sugar collection (due in stores Spring 2016) and I love how these cool colors and feminine prints create the sweetest girly baby quilt!

For the backing I used Riley Blake’s Le Creme Swiss Dots in Aqua, and the binding was pieced from two of the Flower Sugar prints.  I machine bind almost all my quilts – have you tried that time saver?

One of my favorite elements of this quilt is the floating block placement.  I realize that my habit is to just lay things out in a completely linear way, and I love the reminder that staggering them can create such a pleasing visual effect, and it’s also very forgiving if your blocks vary in size.

I loved watching this quilt come together. My dear friend Jennifer is due with her first baby in April, and I can’t wait to gift her this beautiful blanket!  Be sure to check out each of the other quilts revealed today:

Anne – Caroline of Sew Can She
Elizabeth – Pam of Pam Kitty Morning
Emma – Melissa of Happy Quilting
Hannah – Sherri of A Quilting Life
Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs


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Juliet’s very own heirloom linen dress

By Melissa LeRay

Smiling Juliet in heirloom dress

Before Elise was born, I had made her an heirloom linen dress.  “Heirloom” should be used loosely, as this was my very first attempt, but nonetheless, I was very happy with the way it turned out.  It was important for me to make one for Juliet as well, and this one has been in the works since last October when I had the good fortune to take a class Jeannie Beaumeister at the SAGA convention.


Handmade gDiapers Soakers

By Melissa LeRay

Finished gDiaper Soakers

We put our gDiapers through the ringer.  Since we’ve got two in diapers, they are washed constantly, during which time I hear the “cha-ching” of dollars saved singing to me from the laundry room.   In our effort to be ever more Mustachian, we recently took on GroVia cloth wipes as well.   Needless to say, the cloth as served us well, and we use a lot of it.  And we must be real suckers for laundry.   Up until recently, we’d been using the gDiapers disposable/flushable inserts at night, placed on top of a cloth insert.  The flushies are insanely absorbent; and lets face it, absorbency is important for my sleeping girls to stay sleeping so mommy can stay sleeping.   I wanted to reduce how many of these we were using, and bought some organic hemp fleece so that I could whip up some of my own handmade gDiapers soakers.  And if I’m going to all that trouble, why not  make them look cute?   It also gave me a good opportunity to play with sharp curves on my serger – something I’d been fearing put off learning for quite some time. (more…)

Welcome Juliet!

By Melissa LeRay

Juliet photo by Debbie Koehler of[/caption%5D

Just when you think your heart is full, a little person comes along to show you that you still have plenty more room and capacity to love.  Juliet joined us two months ago after 34 hours of labor and a C section – just to add the icing to my already delicious cake.  To say it was a rough entry into this world would be quite an understatement, but her super sweet demeanor makes it so easy to forget all about that.  Elise loves being a big sister – often gently caressing Juliet’s head, helping me burp her, and giving her lots of hugs and kisses.  We do occasionally have to play referee to make sure that her hugs don’t actually strangle Juliet.

Juliet and Elise photo by Debbie Koehler of[/caption%5D

Now that we’re finally starting to catch our breath, I’m able to resume sewing again – hooray!  Who knew that when you add a baby to the mix when you already have an extremely active toddler, that life would get  …busy?  But, oh so very good!

Handful of Sweet Dresses

By Melissa LeRay

Feeling a bit lazy in the sewing room lately.  I wanted to make something for the wee one that would be quick and cute, and I thought the Sweet Dress (for babies) by Leila and Ben would fit the bill.  I picked out three fabrics that I had stashed for a while and seemed appropriate.  Elise is a petite little thing, and when I held up a RTW dress of hers that was a bit long, I was surprised that it looked like the 3m size would be appropriate length-wise.  But, considering she is a chunk, I did add an extra inch to the 12m width.  I made the first one, and it came out really cute!  I finished it while she was asleep, and my darling hubby got up with her the next morning and let me sleep in while he took her to the park.  He took a couple pictures and I could see that it was definitely too short.  So it was decided that each dress would get a simple ruffle at the hem.  All in all it took me 3 nights to make the 3 dresses, while I was catching up on reruns of Kitchen Nightmares. The first dress is one of my all time favorite Alexander Henry prints, Camelia in Aqua.  I believe its long out of print.  I made the ruffle on this one a bit longer so she could get more wear out of it since we’re soon out of our dress wearing seasons.


Elise’s Almost Birthday Dress

By Melissa LeRay

It has been exactly 3 months since I last posted!  Life got realllly hectic.    3 days after my last post we found out that Elise was going to be a big sister!  (enter fatigue…)  They will be 18m apart when this little bean arrives early next year.