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Toddler bibs with Lotta’s Lucky

By Melissa LeRay

One of the things that has been on my to-make list for quite a while has been a set of aprons for the girls.  Windham Fabrics kindly sent me a FQ bundle of Lotta Jansdotter‘s newest collection, Lucky, recently and I knew it would be a perfect match.  I wanted a waist-high tie style and a classic shape.  I drafted up a bib template and set off from there.

Instructions to make one apron follow, fits 2T – 5T
To get started, you’ll need:

  • Two 6″x 22″ rectangles for waist band
  • Two 2″ x 22″ rectangles for ruffle
  • 12″ square for bib of apron
  • Additional scraps for appliqué if desired.

First, sew the two waist band rectangles RST at one of the short ends with a 1/4″ seam. Press the seam open.  Repeat for the two ruffle rectangles.

Now, prepare your waist band by folding the one piece WST so that the two long raw edges meet. Press.  Then unfold that and bring both of the long raw edges to meet in the middle, press again.  Bring both folded long edges together to meet and press once again.   

Unfold the short ends and fold in a 1/4″, WST, press, and then refold so that your waist band edges are clean.  Set aside.

Next, using the template found here, cut out the bib fabric on the fold.

Now you’ll create the ruffle.  I prefer to use my rolled hem foot to sew the visible edge and my serger to create the adjustable gather.  You can do both of these steps any number of ways, though; so pick one you’re comfortable with.

To get started with the rolled hem, it’s helpful to sew an inch or so, WST with an 1/8″-1/4″ seam.  Then, you slide this into the rolled hem foot, and away you sew.  Way easier than sewing two 1/8″ seams, imo.

When this is done, you’re ready to create the gathers, or ruffles.  I used my serger with the two upper loopers set to 8 and a stitch length of 5.  Check your manual incase yours works differently.  Or, if using your sewing machine, sew two lines of basting stitches 1/8″ and 1/4″ away from the long raw edge and then gather by pulling on one set of bobbin threads.

At this time you’re ready to pin or clip your ruffle to the bib.  Using the joining seam at the middle fn the ruffle, line it up to the bottom center of the bib and clip/pin accordingly.

Sew the ruffle to the bib using a 1/” seam.  I found it easier to sew this part with the ruffle facing down so that I was sure the bib didn’t gather along with the ruffle if there was any shifting.

Press your seams toward the bib and then top stitch.


Using your ruler, trim the excess beyond the bib’s raw edge.

Now you’ll grab the waistband piece and using the center join seam on that, center the bib inside of it, nesting the bib all the way into the fold of the waistband. Sew around the entire rectangle to enclose and finish.

Embellish as desired, and you’re done!

The oldest doing her best to not smile haha!

Check my Instagram feed tomorrow (@ohhowsweetco) to enter a giveaway to win a complete FQ bundle of Lucky for yourself!

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Sweet Storybook Vacation Zipped Pouch

By Melissa LeRay

Next month, Windham Fabrics is releasing Storybook Vacation by Whistler Studios.  It’s an adorable collection of repro-like prints that are all about the idyllic scenes of a beach vacation.  These prints are so sweet and really allow for some great fussy cutting.  I thought this collection would be perfect for the simple patchwork zipper pouch pattern from Amy Sinibaldi‘s book, Sweetly Stitched Handmades.

I love how small scale these prints are! Perfect for the little 1.5″ squares I had to cut out for the pouch.

Instead of the little patch that is on the pattern, I thought some crochet lace and fabric stamps made with more fussy cuts would be a cute modification, and a way to show off more of my favorite little images.  Here’s the finished front, including some little vintage buttons:












And the back:

Here’s a closeup of the stamps on the front:

And the stamp on the back, and also the cute flower zipper pull I used:

Storybook Vacation was so fun to work with, and my oldest little agrees, as she’s already claimed the pouch for herself!

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