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Paper Pieced Medallion

By Melissa LeRay

Finished EPP Triangle Medallion

Finished EPP Triangle Medallion

Hi!  If you follow me on Instagram (@ohhowsweetco) then you’ve probably come here looking for the paper pieces for the medallion mini – look no further!

I had come across the block and tutorial that Pileofabric that created here for the triangle color wheel.  I was really struggling to get the seams to match up, and my original mini just looked awful.  Have you seen her blocks? She’s AMAZING, and clearly far more talented than I.  I really loved the look, so I decided to create a paper pieced pattern that would allow my triangles would come out looking, and fitting together, more evenly than I was able to previously.   This also allowed me to create a larger block so I could get a mini closer the size that I wanted.

When you download the PDF for this paper pieced medallion, you’ll see there’s two pages – the original, and the mirror image.  You’ll need one of each to create a complete triangle, and six of each side for the entire mini.  There are no instructions here; this assumes you have some basic paper piecing background, but I’m always happy to help you figure things out.

I’ve included a 1″ reference square, but as long as both pages are scaled up/down to the same %, your block will work out.  As it is, the finished mini (after creating 6 full blocks, each block with a regular unit, and a mirrored unit), the finished dimension will be roughly 23″ across.  I’d love to see what you create – tag me and/or #epptrianglemedallion so I can marvel at your work, and of course let me know if you have any questions!  Click the link below to get your pattern pieces:

EPP Triangle Medallion

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