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Let me brag about my sewing labels – by customlabels4u

By Melissa LeRay

Toddler Backpack front

These sewing labels are pretty nice, aren’t they?  They’re also quite special to me.  You see, this is my first sponsor – see the banner in my side bar  –>.   What makes this whole thing even more special, is that its my Mom’s company.  Her business, is all about personalization.  In the last year or so, she decided to dive in head first into selling sewing labels of all kinds, and she’s doing an amazing job.  The variety is incredible, yet very selective, and the customer service, if I do say so myself, is top notch.  Here are just a few examples of the labels in what I’ve been sewing recently:

Above is the folded woven tag (found here – center fold option)



These two are the end fold labels, found here.  With this style, and the one in the top photo, you can specify your color, logo, font, design, etc.  Its almost limitless.  Also shown are the pink size labels, found here.

Class Picnic Blouse label

I love these woven name tapes, found here, and the kids’ size labels found here

Oliver + S After School Shirts

Another version of the woven name tapes; I believe I got the metallic rainbow on the cream background, but when you order, you can specify exactly what you want.  She also has a huge selection of iron on labels, custom satin clothing labels, and even silk screen printed ribbons!

Made By Rae Toddler Backpack, downsized

By Melissa LeRay

Toddler Backpack

My dear friend Teresa had plans to make Rae‘s Toddler Backpack for her daughter, Lila, for her 2nd birthday.  We went together to the fabric store, and she and Lila together picked out such a cute combination of fabric and trim.  I shamelessly asked her if I could copy her, and make one for Elise too.  Being one of my very best friends, she didn’t mind, or she lied if she did :)  I planned to make it a while ago, but as all my plans, I have to add about 5 months to the time frame.  Teresa, of course, finished hers in record time.  Because, you know, she’s on top of things.

Toddler Backpack front

Since Elise is quite petite, I decided to scale the pattern down by 20% to make it just a bit smaller.  I love the finished size.  Just perfection for a 2 year old.

Toddler Backpack Left Side

I decided to add a pocket to the front with a snap closure, and a regular, open pocket on each side.

Toddler Backpack Right Side

I also added one of my prized zipper pulls.

Toddler Backpack Bottom

And quilted the bottom in contrasting green thread.

Toddler Backpack Interior

The inside is a Sara Jane polka dot print.  The exterior is a Kokka canvas/linen (I think).

Toddler Backpack

Love the nylon straps, d-rings and piping.  I kinda wish it fit me.

Toddler Backpack

Still a little unsure if I want to keep the side pockets on.  Thoughts?  Elise loves this backpack, and I’m trying not to hover over her saying “don’t drag it on the ground!” “don’t put dirt in it” “careful! yogurt doesn’t belong in there!”  But really, she’s a kid being a kid, so I need to relax.  Buts its just so cute.

Elise smocked jumper

And how cute is this smocked jumper?  Its pretty special to me.  Matt’s mom smocked it for him when he was about 3, and wore it for a while.  She was able to pull it out of that jumper and transplant it into this adorable jumper.  *swoon*