May 2013 archive

New summer shorts, and the case for muslins

By Melissa LeRay


These shorts were supposed to be done at least two weeks ago.  But I guess that’s a good thing.  I learned the hard, tedious, and frustrating way that muslins are so important.  Even for kids clothes.  Even for you.  Even for me.  Let me tell you about my epic failure, and why I’m here, making a case for muslins.   These shorts were originally planned as part of the Kids Clothes Week, but because the tops took me a bit longer than I had planned, they were bumped to the following week.  I printed out my pattern, taped it all together, and got started.  These new summer shorts were turning out beautifully.  I had them almost 100% completed – just the elastic casing at the waist band and the leg hemming needed to be done.  I put them on Elise just to check length, really, and that’s when my blissful sewing (ha!) flew right out the window.  These suckers were TIGHT.  Really tight.  Elise is just shy of 2 years old, and because of her cloth diapers, she’s really a 3T – 4T in RTW bottoms.   We were on vacation last week, and had her in disposables, so she was fitting nicely in 18m, 24m and 2T bottoms – just to give you an idea of her sizing.


Handmade gDiapers Soakers

By Melissa LeRay

Finished gDiaper Soakers

We put our gDiapers through the ringer.  Since we’ve got two in diapers, they are washed constantly, during which time I hear the “cha-ching” of dollars saved singing to me from the laundry room.   In our effort to be ever more Mustachian, we recently took on GroVia cloth wipes as well.   Needless to say, the cloth as served us well, and we use a lot of it.  And we must be real suckers for laundry.   Up until recently, we’d been using the gDiapers disposable/flushable inserts at night, placed on top of a cloth insert.  The flushies are insanely absorbent; and lets face it, absorbency is important for my sleeping girls to stay sleeping so mommy can stay sleeping.   I wanted to reduce how many of these we were using, and bought some organic hemp fleece so that I could whip up some of my own handmade gDiapers soakers.  And if I’m going to all that trouble, why not  make them look cute?   It also gave me a good opportunity to play with sharp curves on my serger – something I’d been fearing put off learning for quite some time. (more…)