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Oliver + S Music Box Jumper

By Melissa LeRay


I really enjoy Oliver + S patterns.  I certainly have my favorites, and while I have always liked the Music Box jumper, I have not loved it.  That was until I stumbled across a picture of it made in dark chambray, and I was forever changed.   When Elise was just a baby, I was at a craft sale at this super quaint craft co-op in Atlanta called The Beehive.  It was there that I found this adorable corduroy.   I haven’t the slightest bit of information on it, though, as the selvage was blank.  Have you seen it before?   (more…)

Welcome Juliet!

By Melissa LeRay

Juliet photo by Debbie Koehler of[/caption%5D

Just when you think your heart is full, a little person comes along to show you that you still have plenty more room and capacity to love.  Juliet joined us two months ago after 34 hours of labor and a C section – just to add the icing to my already delicious cake.  To say it was a rough entry into this world would be quite an understatement, but her super sweet demeanor makes it so easy to forget all about that.  Elise loves being a big sister – often gently caressing Juliet’s head, helping me burp her, and giving her lots of hugs and kisses.  We do occasionally have to play referee to make sure that her hugs don’t actually strangle Juliet.

Juliet and Elise photo by Debbie Koehler of[/caption%5D

Now that we’re finally starting to catch our breath, I’m able to resume sewing again – hooray!  Who knew that when you add a baby to the mix when you already have an extremely active toddler, that life would get  …busy?  But, oh so very good!