September 2012 archive

Handful of Sweet Dresses

By Melissa LeRay

Feeling a bit lazy in the sewing room lately.  I wanted to make something for the wee one that would be quick and cute, and I thought the Sweet Dress (for babies) by Leila and Ben would fit the bill.  I picked out three fabrics that I had stashed for a while and seemed appropriate.  Elise is a petite little thing, and when I held up a RTW dress of hers that was a bit long, I was surprised that it looked like the 3m size would be appropriate length-wise.  But, considering she is a chunk, I did add an extra inch to the 12m width.  I made the first one, and it came out really cute!  I finished it while she was asleep, and my darling hubby got up with her the next morning and let me sleep in while he took her to the park.  He took a couple pictures and I could see that it was definitely too short.  So it was decided that each dress would get a simple ruffle at the hem.  All in all it took me 3 nights to make the 3 dresses, while I was catching up on reruns of Kitchen Nightmares. The first dress is one of my all time favorite Alexander Henry prints, Camelia in Aqua.  I believe its long out of print.  I made the ruffle on this one a bit longer so she could get more wear out of it since we’re soon out of our dress wearing seasons.