Days 4-7 KCWC – Figgy’s Jane Dress

By Melissa LeRay

I had grandiose plans for KCWC.  I had 3 additional patterns set out, fabric washed, that unfortunately were never realized.  Because of this dress.  I have loved this dress since the I first saw the pattern.   Having now made it, I still love the dress, and plan on making it again, but I plan on serging all the inside edges instead of the french seams that are used throughout.  Also, the biggest problem I had was trying to sew the cuffs down on the sleeve, so I’m going to tackle that differently next time as well.  I found that method to be almost impossible for clothes this small (18m).   The presser foot barely fit in the cuff.  Because of this minor issue, it took almost 4 hours to complete the sleeve construction, and that was before I even attached them to the body of the dress!  Most of that time was with the seam ripper…

Despite my grumbles, this dress really did come out cute, didn’t it?  I didn’t bother with any Elise action shots because I think she would look a bit silly in a dress that came down to her ankles.  But this is going to sit patiently in her closet until the fall, when I think she will be able to pull it off well, which is why I chose the long sleeve version.   I do suppose that the Lisette sailboats aren’t very “fall” but I couldn’t resist – they are just so cute.  The fabric is lightweight enough that I think she could wear this in the summer if it fits her by then, so maybe not a bad choice after all.

I also had to include a label, since the only real distinguishing feature of front vs. back was the small difference in yoke size.   I love that this dress has little pockets, although I imagine they won’t get much use at that age?  I have no idea.

And the back – so simple and sweet.  Hopefully she’ll enjoy wearing it!

Even though the other patterns weren’t finished in time for KCWC, I’ve still got the fabric ready to go, and I’m excited to get started on them.  And for the next KCWC, I’ll be prepared, with my patterns already cut out, fabric washed, and neatly stacked awaiting kickoff.

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1 Comment on Days 4-7 KCWC – Figgy’s Jane Dress

  1. teresa
    April 30, 2012 at 5:24 pm (6 years ago)

    Love the sailboats!! And the sunshine yellow accents too. Even though this project used up the rest of your KCWC time, I’m totally impressed at how productive you were. In the time you finished three dresses, two shorts and a romper (wow!) I did NO sewing. I have every intention of joining in this fall though, and I’ll take your advice and be all set up beforehand!


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