Spring KCWC Day 3 – Ruthie’s Romper

By Melissa LeRay

For Day 3 of KCWC, I made Ruthie’s Romper by Izzy and Ivy.   Its looking like I’m spending all of KCW with elastic thread, but I assure you there is none involved in the patterns ahead!   I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I made the 12m size, and it will hopefully fit her as we get into summer.  By then she should be walking, which is when this should really get some wear, as its not so crawling-friendly.   I altered the pattern just a wee bit.   Instead of the two ruffles at the feet, I did one ruffle at a smaller size.  (I’m a bit ruffle-phobic as so many patterns these days seem to exploit them so) and instead of 4 straps I just used two longer ones.   The pattern goes up to size 8, but I can really think its ideal for little kids, maybe 3 and under?

You can’t even see her little feet yet!

There they are!

It’s a success!

A little “romper” tag.  Matt said “just in case you forget what its called”.  Oh, those boys.

Oh, and other great news!  I finally used my rolled hemmer foot for the first time, and I’m in love.  Why has the rest of the sewing world kept this secret from me?

Now for the rest of the photos you’ve been waiting for – Elise doing her part for KCWC Days 1 and 2.  Finally, right?  Okay, now for the action photos of the shorts from Day 1:


A certain someone was busy rummaging through all of my fabric.

How cute is that butt?

And the tag that was finally placed so we could all tell front from back:

Yup – just in case we forgot what they were.

And for Day 2:

Not so much liking all these clothing changes.

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  1. teresa
    April 27, 2012 at 10:35 am (6 years ago)

    Oh that face!! In the last photo, that’s classic :) These outfits are even cuter on her than on the hanger! And now I must go discover what is this rolled hemmer foot of which you speak – it looks like a major time saver!


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