I <3 Japanese patterns

By Melissa LeRay

I’m not sure exactly where I was first introduced to Japanese sewing patterns, but since then its been a slippery slope of spending.   The collection wasn’t helped by my trip to China.  I think I came back with no less than 40 books.  It was a good thing I packed extra luggage.   I also came back with a lot of fabric, which is where the outer fabric for this dress came from.  The lining is Anna Maria Horner pink voile.

This pinafore pattern came from this book, and was fairly easy to put together.  I’m sure it was described in the instructions, but sewing up the side seams, once the dress was turned right side out, wasn’t very straightforward.  Otherwise, it came together quickly, and fit Elise well.  I made the 6m version, and she should get at least another month or two out of it.

My favorite part of this dress really is the back.  The cute cross-over pattern, and the snaps!  This was my first time using my snap press that I bought over a year go.  It was so much easier to use than I thought it would be, thanks in part to the YouTube videos that are available.  I used the polyacetal resin snaps, which are plastic, and are very sturdy.  Where the buttonholes were placed on the pattern, I added two layers of lightweight fusible interfacing for a little extra strength because both fabrics are so lightweight.

Once this was on Elise, I thought that it would also be really nice as a top, if about half of the length from the snaps down was taken off, and an extra snap or two added at the bottom in the same placement as above.

In order to take the pictures of her in the dress, I had to use a few distraction props.  A bracelet from a girlfriend occupied her for a little while.  And then she suddenly noticed she was wearing a dress.  And then the obligatory belly shot.  Can you get enough of those rolls?  I certainly cannot.

I have big plans to make matching bloomers that won’t likely materialize.  In the meantime, though, some of her gDiapers coordinate nicely.  Oh, and the feet stacking.  Melts my heart!  I suppose its how you cross your legs when your thighs have double digit rolls?

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  1. teresa
    March 21, 2012 at 8:36 pm (6 years ago)

    Oh my gosh! Baby belly cuteness! And, yes, baby dress cuteness too! Getting and learning to use a snap press is on my list of to-do’s, and if it’s one of those things that looks intimidating but is actually not too hard (like bias tape and zippers) then I need to go ahead and do it… Love the name you chose for your blog, by the way :)


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